Frequently Asked Questions

Why "Padfoot's Library"?
I recommend reading the About Me section where I explain a bit about the origin of this blog.

Do you accept review or advanced readers copies for review? 
Yes! I read just about anything, so I am incredibly open-minded to new books. Please shoot me an email at soufflegrl@gmail.com to discuss.

What is your review policy?
I will ALWAYS write my honest opinion. The length of a certain review does not determine whether or not I like it. It all depends on how much I ultimately have to say about a certain book. As much as it pains me to write a negative review, I will not be swayed or influenced on an opinion and will always offer my reader my honest opinion of the book. It is not in my blog's best interest or my readers to provide an review that is false.

Will you do a book review on "_____"?
Yes, I am open to many book reviews. If I read it in the past, message me and I will most likely get a review up. If I haven't read it yet, but you would like a review, recommend it to me and I will write a review after I've read it.